Faculty of Technology, Department of Mechatronics Engineering was established in 2010 with the presidency of Higher Education Council numbered 7902 and dated 04.03.2010.


Mechatronics, in its simplest terms; mechanical, electrical-electronic and computer branches.


A student equipped with integrated knowledge and concepts with a diploma of Isparta Unıversity of Applied Sciences (IUAS), Faculty of Technology and Mechatronics Engineering will have the privilege of finding a job primarily in high technology companies thanks to the practical experience gained through workshop training and lab facilities of the faculty in addition to their theoretical knowledge.


A mechatronic engineer should have a balance between the two basic elements; modeling-analysis and experimental work-ability of hardware implementation. Synergy and integration in the design of a mechatronic system is a multidisciplinary union rather than a traditional discipline. The components of mechatronics systems are sensors, actuators, microcontrollers (microprocessors) and real-time control software. The drive elements are generally high-precision electric motors and solenoids. Appropriate sensors (light, acceleration, weight, color, temperature and image sensors etc.) are used according to the work done. One of the features that distinguishes mechatronic systems or products from older types of electromechanical systems or products is that some mechanical functions are replaced by electronic and software functions. This gives greater flexibility in terms of both design and operation. Another feature of mechatronics is the speed and accuracy of performance. A third advantage is the ability to automatically collect and report data. In addition, advanced mechatronic systems have the ability to perform distributed control in complex systems. Mechatronic systems are used in a wide range of applications. Robots, industrial production machines, cameras, computer disk drives are examples.