28 Eylül 2020 Pazartesi


Dear Young People,
      The fundamental aim of our department is to provide a quality engineering education that can produce optimum solutions by using today's technology and engineering productivity, resources, time, economy and work power in the most efficient way without ignoring environmental realities.
      Through intensive practice content, practical internship opportunities and researcher structure, this training program will enhance the understanding of the engineering sciences and contribute to the understanding of the importance of lifelong learning.
      In addition, our department provides opportunities to educate young people who can work successfully in research, development, projecting, construction, operation and maintenance studies in industry and research institutions by providing undergraduate, graduate and vocational training at national and international level.
      Our students are graduated as ENERGY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING with productive, systematic approach to problem-solving, team-oriented, environmentally conscious, high communication skills, social, economic and professional ethical awareness and leadership qualities, to be able to produce solutions to their problems.
Prof. Ali Kemal YAKUT
Energy Systems Engineering
Head of Department